electrofunk, elctrohouse, 12bit soul music, and futuristic nostalgia

Dave LeFunk and Madafi Pierre are MADDAM

meet maddam

In 2014, American singer/songwriter Madafi Pierre arrived in Switzerland from New York City and met producer/rapper Roberto “Roccobelly” Garieri. Ideas and melodies were exchanged, and together they formed the electro-funk soul duo MADDAM. Inside the MADDAM universe is a touch of electro-pop, pinches of soul and new wave, with a massive ladle of funk. Their first single “SuperWomanHumanAlien” was released in 2015 and is still on the play list of two national radio stations in Switzerland, RSR: La Première and Couleur 3.

There were many colorful moments for MADDAM in 2017 – the release of their album MIND TWERKING, the amicable departure of Roccobelly, and the meeting of multi-instrumentalist and producer Davide “Dave Lefunk” Di Spirito, forming the current duo.